Getting Repossessed

I am Facing Eviction ! I am Getting Repossessed How Can I Stop My House Being Repossessed ?


Getting Repossessed can be a delicate position to be inYou can lose more than just your home.  Repossessed properties are still now at  a record high !

How to Stop getting Repossessed in South Wales and Surrounding Areas?

Your name will be added to the Possessions Register if your home gets repossessed and all the major credit agencies such as Experian and Equifax  will be notified.  Your credit rating will be adversely affected as a result of this. Few mortgage lenders would want to lend to anyone with a bad credit rating so you may never be qualified for another mortgage or loan again. You and your family will have to move out and find other accommodation, losing the familiarity and security of the home you have been living in. With another rate rise looming, it is in your best interest to do whatever is necessary to stop repossession before it becomes too late.


This is the basic court process:


1.       Summons for possession – the first stage of the process. A date and time is given for the hearing.

2.       The hearing – there are various possible outcomes but the most usual one is the court issuing a possession order, which is usually up to two months.

3.       Bailiffs warrant - This is the stage at which you could be forcibly removed from your home by the court bailiff after a 14-day notice. At this point, it can be stopped only if you pay your arrears immediately, and in some cases, the whole mortgage loan in full.


But it doesn’t have to be this way! The good news is that we can help you Stop Getting Repossessed  or Avoid Repossession at any time. If you agree to sell your property to one of our Property Cash Buyers in Barry  and Cardiff, you can obtain a 'Repossession Stay' from the court. If necessary, your Property Cash Buyer can arrange to meet you at the the court hearing and show the relevant evidence that the sale of your property has already been agreed. Completion can then take place within 28 days.


We can still HELP even if you are being repossessed on the day !



Whether your property has equity in it or not and if you have got mortgage arrears  we can still stop you getting Repossessed.


SO if you are in the process of GETTING REPOSSESSED or FACING EVICTION and you would like to AVOID REPOSSESSION then please get in touch right NOW ! ! !     



Another great advantage of SELLING to our Property Professional Cash Buyers is that  apart from you being saved from being repossessed, you even get the option to SELL and RENT BACK   your property as a tenant at an affordable agreed monthly rent  - therefore creating a  win / win situation. 



Don’t leave it too late !   If you are FACING EVICTION then Let us stop you getting Repossessed




Request an offer online now for a no-obligation preliminary offer by filling out your details below.



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Ask for ADRIAN, your local Property Expert.






Let us HELP you Solve any Problems you have and HELP take away the PAIN and STRESS !

We can HELP make your Mortgage Payments....

We can HELP clear your ARREARS.....

We can HELP get you back into Positive CashFlow.....


We'd love to hear from you!


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