Property and Land Finders Urgently Wanted


Property and Land Finders Wanted !




Are you looking for some extra CASH ?  Work Part or Full Time.

Would Your Class Yourself as a Propery Finder ?

We will pay you for sending information on any Properties or Land that we buy.

The Properties/Land can be in any area in, in any condition and any price range.


How Much Money Can I Earn?

If we buy the property or land that  you refer you can earn between £250 up to £1000 per referral depending on how good of a deal and how 'creative' we work with your client.


What Do I Have To Do?

Simply contact us with your leads for properties or land for sale.


We will contact the sellers on your behalf and find out how we can help them. If we buy the property or land, you will earn the cash reward.


How Do I Get Started?


1) Locate Leads

Find properties or land that are For Sale By Owner or that are properties struggling to SELL via the local estate agent for whatever reason.

While you're driving to work, walking the dog, or running errands, keep your eyes open for FOR SALE signs and even better if you see a For Sale sign and For Rent sign outside the same property, this is a bonus. Also keep your eyes open for properties that look vacant, and look like they need obvious repairs.

Vacant/Abandoned properties can usually be spotted by:

  • Grass overgrown and the landscaping is shabby 
  • Windows are broken or boarded up
  • Needs paint
  • No curtains
  • Tall grass
  • Leaves
  • Neglected
  • Lots of newspapers 
  • Flyers stuck in the door
  • Mail piled up
  • Bad Shape and needs work

For Sale By Owner can also be found by looking in your local newspaper or using online ads such as GUMTREE.

Remember, We Buy Houses in any area, in any condition and any price range.

Pretty houses and even ugly, run-down houses are good for us!

It may even be that some vacant properties in your area are bringing down property values.


2) Do you have a Friend, Family Member or a Neighbour that NEEDS to sell their HOME or Property Fast for whatever reason?

Just mention our Web Site to your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances..... (  You can also call us FREE on 0800 910 1188 or my mobile which is 07966 871854.  Ask for ADRIAN

  • Maybe they don't want the hassle of dealing with an Estate Agent for whatever reason or don't want to pay the commission fee.
  • Maybe they just want to Upsize or Downsize and are stuck in a CHAIN
  • Maybe they are facing a possible Repossession.
  • Maybe it's a couple going through a Divorce. The house represents too many memories, or they can't afford the house alone.
  • Maybe they are experiencing some sort of personal crisis, such as an illness, that has created a need for immediate cash.
  • Maybe they have just lost their job and are Struggling to Pay their Mortgage.
  • Maybe the owner has died, making it necessary for the next of kins to SELL and divide the proceeds.
  • Maybe the owner is elderly and no longer able to handle the property or they want to retire.
  • Maybe the owner wants to move ABROAD.
  • Maybe the owner has bought a new home but couldn't sell his/her last house and making 2 mortgage payments.
  • Maybe they tried to sell through a local Estate Agent but it failed.
  • Maybe the owners just want to move quickly.
  • Maybe the owners don’t want to manage the property anymore – tired of being a landlord, takes too much time, too many problems associated with it.
The reasons for Selling are endless. My goal is to Buy their House FAST, and help them out of the problematic situation they may be in, so that they can quickly move on with their lives.

They visit us on the internet at a convenient time to them, they might send us e-mail with questions. Who knows, they may even decide to do business with us. If we end up buying a home from them or selling a home to them (ONLY THEN), we'll write you a check for £250 - £1,000 depending on how good of a deal we make with your client.

In order to get a proper credit for a referral You MUST notify us about the party you're sending to us.

Getting paid through our Referral Reward program is simple and quick. Justm mention our website to people who may be in the market to SELL a home. Make a point of taking mental notes when your hear your friends and acquaintances talk about looking to Sell their Home Fast.

3) Get Paid!

We have set aside some serious cash to compensate the Property Finders who want to work with us and talk about us.


Please fill out the Property Finder Form Below for each referral you send us.


As soon as we close on a house you have referred to us, you will receive your CASH within 48 hours of closing.

Don't be surprised if if you receive your CASH payment months after submitting a referral. Once it's assigned to you, that house stays as your referral until we BUY it, however long the negotiations take.

And there's no limit on the number of HOUSES you can refer!


BONUS: If you know of anyone looking to RENT their home then please send us the name and telephone number of the property owner. If we strike a deal with the RENTER, we'll pay you £50 ! 




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